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On October 1st, 2018, a 8000 year old wolf spirit, named Craig, awoke from his slumber, he chose the strongest human being, Nathan perrine, Craig went to Nathan and said "Nathan... Nathan, I need you to start a band, called "fist of furry" to restore balance to the universe" Nathan then said to Craig "I already started the band last week" and so balance was restored due to Nathan perrine's amazing singing voice, and guitar skills, but, Craig thought that one boy was not enough, he multiplied nathan to create, 🅱athan and zathan, nathan's clones, 🅱athan on drums, and Zathan on keyboard, with this beautiful band they can make people happy, but little did they know, the government was tracking them down, because they know the secret to cloning

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Fist of furry is a band, that plays all types of music, they are truly the highest power in the music world, there heavenly tone makes everyone happy (and horny).

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🅱athan nathan

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