this is nathan perrine, the greatest man to ever live, his sheer power could destroy betty white

Tragic backstoryEdit

When he was just a child, the government took away his dad (who was a skeleton) he missed him so much he decided to destroy the American government

Personality and looksEdit

Nathan perrine is the handsomest man alive, he is also kind, strong, and has a big pp, all the ladies are attracted to his looks and personality, every girl young and old want to get into his pants, but only ONE, woman is on Nathan's mind, the beautiful, satako hojo, but sadly satako-senpai might never notice him, because she is not real,  but that won't stop nathan from trying.



He is cool

He composed the music for fiddler on the roof, but asked for his name to not be put under it because of his German heritage

He gets his ultimate power from him being half skeleton

His one and only weakness is minions, ewww, he can't stand 'em

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